What are Online Casino Bonuses?

Just like real world casinos, online casinos offer incentives to attract players, or to keep people playing longer. There are several types of bonuses offered by various online casinos. The main type of bonuses are called “sign-up bonuses”, which are used to incentivize players to sign up for a particular casino. There are also virtual “comp bonuses” which are similar to Vegas-style casino comps, only digital. There are a lot of great opportunities to cash in, and in fact high bonuses are one of the best reasons to consider an online casinos.

“Sticky” Sign-Up Bonuses

Sticky sign-up bonuses are bonuses that online casinos give to new members to encourage them to use their services. Users can use this free money in addition to their own deposited funds to play the various games available. Most casinos will offer to match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, which gives players a reason to deposit their money. Some virtual casinos even offer sign-up bonuses that users can play with before they even upload any cash of their own. Many of the casinos mentioned on our website use this sort of incentive bonus system. Of course, you can’t just sign up to the casino and then cash out your free sign-up bonus. You must use it to play, and you can only cash out after you’ve played for a certain length of time and reached a certain amount of real earnings, always disclosed on the casino’s terms and conditions page.

“Phantom” Sign-Up Bonuses

These are similar to sticky sign-up bonuses, except they disappear when it comes time to cash out. In other words, you can use them to win money, but you can’t hold on to them when it comes time to get your money from the casino. There is really no comparison for phantom sign-up bonuses in the real to life world of casinos – they are a purely virtual innovation. They aren’t as valuable as sticky bonuses, but still give you extra chips to play with, and therefore higher earnings when lady luck shines on you.

Comp Bonuses and Points

Just like real-world casinos offer high-rollers certain perks for playing often at their casino, so do virtual casinos. Regular players can cash in on regular weekly or weekend bonuses at many online casinos, and digital comp points may be given based on how much is wagered on certain games. These comp points can then be redeemed for more chips or various prizes. Often times comp points can also be used to enter high-stakes tournaments or other exclusive events that the casino has to offer. High rollers are usually offered additional bonus opportunities as well, depending on the site.

If you play your cards right, you can really end up with some huge winnings thanks to bonuses, especially when you consider that most casinos will double your initial deposit up to a certain amount. Comparing the various bonus offerings at online casinos is one of the best ways to decide where to spend your money. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.