Are Online Casinos Safe?

When first getting started in the world of online gambling, many people ask the question, “Are Online Casinos Safe?” The answer to that questions is yes, as long as you are using the proper online casinos. There are many well-respected and trusted online casinos that take all the proper measures to ensure a safe and fair online gambling experience. Every online casino that we review on our website falls into these categories.

Safe Methods of Payment

One of the most important security concerns when getting started with internet gambling is that an online casino will have an unsafe method of taking your payments. You may be worried that the money you attempt to deposit or worse, your credit card information, will be stolen. However, all reputable online casinos use secure, encrypted connections to handle all financial transactions – just like any other trustworthy site that conducts business online. This means that the risk is extremely low – no greater than the risk of buying online from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Payout On Time and In Full

Another concern people have is getting ripped off directly by the casino – whether they’ll receive their winnings completely and promptly. Again, this is a non-issue with legitimate casinos. If you’ve chosen a reputable online casino, the only real risk is the one you’re looking for in the first place – winning or losing at the machines or the tables. One thing to be aware of: to prevent fraud (believe it or not, the real risk that exists is on the casino side, not the customer’s side), many casinos limit the amount you can withdraw in a day, or in a week; this will all be fully disclosed in their terms and conditions.

The Odds

The biggest concern that many bettors have is whether the games are honest. You can at least get a “good feeling” about a game if you’re playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, but online, you’re relying on trust. The key to security here is the software that the casino uses. That software is what runs the games, and make sure they’re run honestly and properly; reputable casinos will tell you ahead of time what software they’re using, and if it’s one of the “big names” (Real Time Gaming (RTG), Microgaming, RIVAL, TopGame, Cryptologic, or Playtech) you can be reassured that everything is aboveboard. Even better is when a casino tells you that one of the big two testing companies (eCOGRA and TST) regularly checks the operation of their random number generator, which is the main element of running honest games.